ABOUT US As a Guatemalan living in the United States, I am always craving those sweet treats I used to eat while growing up. The pleasure and the memories of eating a piece of quesadilla brings is beyond words. However, living so far from Guatemala makes the possibilities of that experience difficult to achieve. Finding a bakery around me, that offers some or at least one of those traditional treats is near impossible.

I am lucky enough to have a friend that was kind enough to make and ship those delicious sweet breads to me. Thus, an idea was born. My friend Evelyn, who happens to be a Pastry Chef and has many years of experience making all those traditional treats as well as European pastries, and I would make and ship these goodies to people like me who were craving a little taste of home . We also want to introduce to the rest of the world the delicious FLAVORS of these delicacies.

In addition, we incorporated a section called "SWEET GOODIES" that offers different kinds of European pastries, cookies, bundt cakes, etc. This section also offers custom cakes by Evelyn.

Moreover, we want to bring about awareness of the marvelous COLORS Guatemala has to offer. Colors found in fabrics, flowers (buganbilias), trees, barriletes (kites), La Antigua, etc, that provide inspiration to different artistic handmade crafts. This website brings them directly to your door. Here you will find beautiful traditional crafts with a modern twist. Furthermore, it was of great importance to bring these items to others while also providing decent wages for the people making them. Thus, all of the products from our "Colors" category are purchased from fair trade providers. So by purchasing jewelry and handcrafts from us you will be helping many struggling households, mainly women, to provide food for their families.

Feel free to look around our website and purchase sweet goodies, hand made crafts, or that mantel you never thought you would find again. Or just send us a message, with comments, concerns anything you want to see more of, etc. We will continue to do our best to provide you with the traditional taste of Guatemala, and bring you back those memories of cool afternoons with that cup of coffee and champuradas.


Our contact information

For any questions or special requests you can contact us:
by e-mail: admin@antiguafc.com
by mail: AntiguaFC
P.O. Box 568
Bloomfield NJ 07003

by phone: (973) 780 6205

Shipping Information:

We carefully inspect and wrap our products prior to packaging. All edible products are vacuum packed to ensure their flavor and freshness. We also offer gift wrapping and a gift card for any holiday or occasion free of charge. Unfortunately our web store is unable to process our gift wrapping and card options at this time. If you would like to add either of these items to your order please email Admin@antiguafc.com with your name, order number, the holiday or occasion, which options you want gift wrap, gift card or both, and the message you want on the card.
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